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Soya Dosa: Unique Recipe That’s Perfect For Weight

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Tasty & Healthy Vegan Chickpeas Salad Recipe

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Vegetable Pulao Recipe – Healthiest Weight Loss Rice

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Oats Pizza With Oat

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There are many types and toppings that you can put on the pie when it comes to pizza. However, one type of

Green Juice: Weight Loss

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Green juice – weight loss drink for breakfast A single serving of this detox green juice contains 67.23 kCal. Hi friends, today


Dahi Vada: How To

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Dahi Vada Single serving of this dahi vada recipe provides only 334.17 kcal. This recipe is low in calories, high in proteins.

Low Calorie Overnight Oats

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A single serving of this low calorie overnight oats recipe for weight loss with banana provides 326 kcal when taken with cow

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