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Healthy Foxnut Ambli for fasting

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Vegan chickpea salad for weight loss

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Sweet Potato Porridge: Easy Fasting recipe

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Tasty Sorghum popcorn Recipe

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A single serving of Sorghum popcorn will get nearly 137 kCal.  Sorghum popcorn recipe is healthy and easy to prepare recipe and

Ragi Ambli – Weight

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A single serving of this Ragi ambli gives us 150 kCal and is a great soothing weight loss drink for scorching Summers.

Stir fry paneer for

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A single serving of stir fry paneer recipe provides just 209.16 kCal energy. This is one of the stir fry for weight

Oatmeal porridge recipe: An

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A single serving of this oatmeal porridge recipe provides 271 kCal energy with a good amount of fiber and proteins. This rolled

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