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Calories In McDonald’s Kiddie Cone?:McDonald’s Dessert Menu USA

McDonald's Kiddie Cone

Find out how many calories in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone have from McDonald’s Dessert/Shakes Menu from the USA. Get the nutritional comparison of this food with male-female DRI.

When it comes to ice cream, McDonald’s is one of the most popular places to go. They have a variety of flavours and sizes to choose from. One of their most popular items is the kiddie cone. The kiddie cone is a small ice cream cone that is perfect for kids. It comes in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Before considering McDonald’s Kiddie Cone to your plate, find out how many calories this McDonald’s Kiddie Cone dessert/shake has. If you are on a weight loss diet, make sure you do not exceed your set calorie intake. Consider other healthy desserts to balance the calories.

McDonald's Kiddie Cone nutrition

Serving Size: 1 oz (29 g) of McDonald’s Kiddie Cone

Calories in McDonald's Kiddie Cone

Calories in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone are 45 kCal; 2.25% of male DRI, 3.00% of female DRI. 

a. Protein forms 8.89% of the calories

b. Carbs form 71.11% of the calories in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone.

c. Fats form 20.00% of calories.

Protein & Fats

a. Protein in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone is 1 gm, 1.33% of male DRI, 1.78% of female DRI. 

b. Fats – 1 gm, 1.50% of male DRI, 2.00% of female DRI. 

c. Saturated fats – 0.5 gm, 2.27% of male DRI, 2.94% of female DRI. 

d. Trans Fats – 0 gm.

e. Sodium – 20 mg, which is 1.33% of  healthy adults.


a. Carbs in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone are 8 gm, around 2.91% of male DRI, 3.88% of female DRI. 

b. 71.11 % of the 45 calories in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone are carbs.

c. Total Free Sugar – 6 gm, approximately 10.00% of male DRI, 12.00% of female DRI. 

d. Fibre – 0 gm.


There are 45 kcal and 1 gm of protein in McDonald’s Kiddie Cone.

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