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Calories In McDonald’s Strawberry Shake: Answer is here

mcdonalds strawberry shake

Find out how many calories in McDonald’s strawberry shake has. Further also, get detailed information on proteins, carbs and fats in the McDonald’s strawberry shake in this article.

McDonald's strawberry shake

McDonald’s has long been known for their delicious shakes. But now, they’re shaking things up with a new flavour – strawberry.

This new shake is made with real strawberries and ice cream, and it’s sure to be a hit with customers of all ages. Whether you’re looking at a refreshing treat on a hot summer day or a sweet dessert after a meal, McDonald’s strawberry shake is sure to hit the spot.

The taste: creamy and dreamy with a hint of strawberry

McDonald’s strawberry shake is a creamy and dreamy treat with a touch of strawberry. This delicious shake is perfect for any occasion and will please kids and adults alike. Made with real strawberries and McDonald’s signature vanilla soft serve, the strawberry shake is a must-try for anyone visiting the fast food restaurant.

The texture: smooth and thick

The shake is thick and rich, with a smooth texture that’s perfect for sipping slowly. The sweetness of the strawberries comes through without being overwhelming, and the ice cream gives the shake a creamy finish. 

What about the calories in McDonald's strawberry shake?

McDonald’s strawberry shake contains decent calories and a fare amount of protein. Let’s see details of McDonald’s Strawberry Shake nutrition and how it compares with male and female DRI (Dietary Reference Intake).

Serving Size: 259 ml of Strawberry Shake

Calories in McDonald's Strawberry Shake

Calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake are 255.51 kCal; as much as 12.78% of male DRI, 17.03% of female DRI.

a. Protein forms 5.75% of the calories

b. Carbs form 68.99% of the calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake.

c. Fats form 26.21% of calories.


Protein & Fats in McDonald's Strawberry Shake

a. Protein in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake is 3.67 gm, which is 4.89% of male DRI, 6.52% of female DRI.

b. Fats – 7.44 gm, as much as 11.16% of male DRI, 14.88% of female DRI.

c. Saturated fats – 6.68 gm, which is 30.36% of male DRI, 39.29% of female DRI.

d. Trans fats – 0.12 gm, around 5.5% of male DRI, 7.06% of female DRI.

e. Sodium – 139.97 mg, which is 9.33% of DRI of males and females.


Carbs in McDonald's Strawberry Shake

a. Carbs in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake are 44.07 gm, around 16.03% of male DRI, 21.37% of female DRI.

68.99% of the 255.51 calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake are carbs.

b. Total Free Sugar – 37.42 gm, approximately 62.37% of male DRI, 74.84% of female DRI.

c. Added sugar – 29.8 gm


The verdict: a delicious treat for any time of day

McDonald’s strawberry shake is a delicious treat for any time of day. The shake features a blend of strawberries, milk, and ice cream, giving it a thick and creamy texture. The strawberry flavour is not too overpowering, making it a refreshing and enjoyable drink. Overall, the shake is an excellent choice for those looking for something sweet and satisfying.

The McDonald’s strawberry shake contains only half the calories of medium fries and fewer calories. If you’re looking for a summer treat that’s both refreshing and satisfying, McDonald’s strawberry shake is definitely worth a try.

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