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Calories In McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae? McDonald’s Dessert Menu USA

McDonald's Strawberry Sundae

Find out how many calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae have from McDonald’s Dessert/Shakes Menu from the USA. Get the nutritional comparison of this food with male-female DRI.

There’s nothing more stimulating in the summer heat than a cold, sweet treat. McDonald’s strawberry sundae is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day. The sundae is a classic summertime favourite and made with real strawberries and vanilla soft serve. So next time you feel wilted in the summer heat, stop by your nearest McDonald’s and enjoy a cool, refreshing strawberry sundae.

Before considering McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae to your plate, find out how many calories this McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae dessert/shake has. If you are on weight loss diet, make sure you do not exceed your set calorie intake. Consider other healthy desserts to balance the calories.

McDonald's Strawberry Sundae nutrition

Serving Size: 6.3 oz (178 g) of McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae


Calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae are 280 kCal; 14.00% of male DRI, 18.67% of female DRI. 

a. Protein forms 8.57% of the calories

b. Carbs form 70.00% of the calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae.

c. Fats form 19.29% of calories.

Protein & Fats

a. Protein in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae is 6 gm, 8.00% of male DRI, 10.67% of female DRI. 

b. Fats – 6 gm, 9.00% of male DRI, 12.00% of female DRI. 

c. Saturated fats – 4 gm, 18.18% of male DRI, 23.53% of female DRI. 

d.Trans Fats – 0 gm.

e. Sodium – 95 mg, which is 6.33% of  healthy adults.


a. Carbs in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae are 49 gm, around 17.82% of male DRI, 23.76% of female DRI. 

b. 70.00 % of the 280 calories in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae are carbs.

c. Total Free Sugar – 45 gm, approximately 75.00% of male DRI, 90.00% of female DRI. 

e. Fibre – 1 gm, which is 2.63% of male DRI, 4.00% of female DRI. 


There are 280 kcal and 6 gm of protein in McDonald’s Strawberry Sundae.

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