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How Many Carbs In 5 Rotis? Detailed Carbs Breakup Here

Carbs In 5 Rotis

Do you want to know how many carbs in 5 rotis have? This blog is for you. Read on.

Is roti high in carbs?

Roti is a flatbread from India and made from whole wheat flour. It is a staple in many Indian households and is often eaten with curries or other savoury dishes. While roti is generally considered healthy, it is high in carbs due to the wheat flour it is made with. 

Generally, an average Indian eats 5 to 6 rotis a day. Let’s see how many carbs in 5 roti have in this article.

How many carbs are there in 5 Roti?

Serving size:  5 rotis, each made of 33-gram whole wheat flour without ghee.

When you eat 5 rotis, you get 106.94 grams of carbohydrates and 533.34 kCal energy. Clearly, carbohydrates form 80.20 % of the calories in 5 rotis. Here is how it completes your carbs requirements when you set carb intake at 55% of the calories of your diet plan.

a. 38.89 % of the daily requirement of 275 grams for a 2000 kcal diet.

b. 51.85 % of the daily needs of 206.25 grams for a 1500 kcal diet.

c. 64.81% of the set carb limit of 165 grams for a 1200 kcal diet.

d. 86.42% of the set carb limit of 123.75 grams when following a 900-kcal diet.

The Breakup of carbs in 5 rotis

a. Total available carbs in 5 rotis – 97.69 gm.

b. Total Starch – 94.69 gm, which is 96.93 % of total carbs in 5 rotis

c. Total Free Sugar – 3.00 gm, which is 3.07 % 

Details of free sugars in 5 rotis

a. Fructose – 1.20 gm, which is 1.23 % of total carbs

b. Glucose – 1.30 gm, which is 1.33 % 

c. Sucrose – 0.50 gm, which is 0.51 % 

d. Maltose – 0.00 gm

Sum of Total Free Sugar – 3.00 gm, which is 3.07 % of total carbs in 5 rotis

How many rotis should I eat?

Eating 5 rotis a day can give you around 100 to 110 grams of carbs. For those on a low-carb diet, roti may not be the best option. However, there are ways to make roti lower in carbs by using alternative flour such as chickpea flour or almond flour. There are also recipes for low-carb roti available online.

If you are on a low-carb diet, eating 5 rotis without ghee is okay if you can manage the balance of the day with 50 gm carbs. Go for a better diet plan instead.

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