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  1. The recipe designed here in veg diet plans is based on nutritional calculations of each ingredients and may vary slightly
  2. Following your own diet plan without consultation of an expert may pose health issues especially if you already are suffering from any medical alignment
  3. The recipes posted here are just a guiding milestone, you can design your own recipe to suit your nutritional requirements using Diet Kundali app on play store.
  4. If you or any of your family members are allergic to certain foods / ingredients of this recipe, consider replacing them with other non-allergic foods if mentioned or skip them entirely. 
  5. The recipes, meal ideas and diet plans mentioned on are in no way substitute for medicines or medical treatments. Considering them in the meals is the exclusive opinion and privilege of the readers.
  6. Readers can check, calculate and confirm the nutritional values to their own satisfaction before believing.

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Hello everyone, I am Nutritionist Smriti Indarapu, a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Nutrition and Dietetics, practicing nutrition for the last 10 years. The journey started when we were having our family... Read full bio