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How Much Protein In 5 Rotis? Get The Details Here.

Protein In 5 Rotis

Roti is an essential source of protein and carbs for south Asians. But do you want to know how much protein in 5 rotis have? Get the protein and essential amino acids info from 5 rotis here.

Protein in 5 roti, how much?

Serving size:  5 rotis, each made of 33-gram whole wheat flour without ghee

Protein in 5 roti is 17.61 grams, which is 23.48% of male DRI, 31.31% of female DRI.

Protein, including amino acids, forms 13.21% of the 533.34 kCal in 5 roti. Let’s see the detailed amino acids protein in 5 roti and how it suits your as per your weight.


9 essential amino acids protein in 5 roti


Histidine in 5 roti is 751.947 miligram which translates to the following. 

a. 150.39% of DRI if your weight is 50kg. 

b. 125.32% of DRI for 60kg. 

c. 107.42% of 70kg. 

d. 93.99% of DRI for 80kg.



lsoleucine in 5 roti is 1109.43 miligram which works out as follows.

a. 221.89% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 184.91% of DRI for 60kg

c. 158.49% of DRI for 70kg. 

d. 138.68% of DRI for 80kg.


Leucine in 5 roti is 1799.742 miligram, and its adequacy is as follows.

a. 257.11% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 214.26% of DRI for 60kg.

c. 183.65% of DRI for 70kg.

d. 160.69% of DRI for 80kg.


Lysine in 5 roti is 709.683 miligram which completes our nutrition as follows.

a. 118.28% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 98.57% of DRI for 60kg.

c. 84.49% of DRI for 70kg.

d. 73.93% of DRI for 80kg.

Methionine & Cystine

Methionine & Cystine in 5 roti is 1176.348 miligram, and its nutrition is as follows.

a. 180.98% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 150.81% of DRI for 60kg.

c. 129.27% of DRI for 70kg.

d. 113.11% of DRI for 80kg.

Phenylalanine & Tyrosine

Phenylalanine & Tyrosine in 5 roti is 2092.068 miligram, and the right amount is as follows.

a. 298.87% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 249.06% of DRI for 60kg.

c. 213.48% of DRI for 70kg.

d. 186.79% of DRI for 80kg.


Threonine in 5 roti is 757.23 miligram, and its adequacy is as follows.

a. 216.35% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 180.29% of DRI for 60kg.

c. 154.54% of DRI for 70kg. 

d. 135.22% of DRI for 80kg.


Tryptophan in 5 roti is 290.565 miligram, and its value is as follows.

a. 166.04% of DRI for 50kg.

b. 138.36% of DRI for 60kg

c. 118.60% of DRI for 70kg.

d. 103.77% of DRI for 80kg.


Valine in 5 roti is 1502.133 miligram, whose sufficiency is as follows.

  1. 300.43% of DRI for 50kg.
  2. 250.36% of DRI for 60kg.
  3. 214.59% of DRI for 70kg.
  4. 187.77% of DRI for 80kg.


Eating 5 rotis without ghee can meet 23 to 31% of an adult’s daily protein requirement. You can also experiment with multigrain roti to suit your needs.

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