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Chana Dosa Recipe: How To Make Chana Dosa (Chickpeas Crepes)

Chana Dosa Recipe: How To Make Chana Dosa (Chickpeas Crepes)
  • Prep Time
    10.5 hours
  • Cook Time
    20 min
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    20 min

Chana dosa is a famous Indian pancake made from chickpeas and rice flour. It is a lentil-based dish that is savoury and crispy. You can serve chana dosa (chickpea crepes) as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. Let’s see how to make chana dosa.

What is chana dosa?

If you’re looking for an quick, easy and healthy breakfast or snack, then you should try out this chana dosa (chickpea crepe). These chana dosas are perfect for a quick breakfast or light lunch and contain good vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re super filling, so you won’t feel hungry for long.

Crepes or dosa are made from a batter that is poured into a heated pan like a traditional dosa. They can be filled with vegetable stuffing or eaten with sambar or chutney.

Moreover, I have added coriander leaves, ginger and other spices to make this chana dosa tastier. 

Coriander leaves are very beneficial for health. They are not only a rich source of antioxidants but also of vitamins, and minerals. Antioxidants help shield the body from damage caused by harmful chemicals called free radicals. 

The benefits of ginger are vast and include reducing inflammation, fighting nausea and motion sickness, and improving digestion. Ginger is also a natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms. Additionally, ginger has anti-cancer properties.

Chickpeas crepes benefits

a. High protein and high fibre recipeChickpea crepes are a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option. Chickpea crepes are a great way to get your protein and fibre in for breakfast or as a quick snack.

b. Gluten-free – best for PCOS or thyroid patients – Chana dosa is a gluten-free, vegan breakfast or snack made from chickpea flour. This simple dish is best for people with PCOS or thyroid problems. 

c. Good for diabetes and cholesterol – Since chana dosa is high in protein and fibre, it is a healthy choice for persons with diabetes and high cholesterol.

d. No need for fermentation. You don’t need to ferment the batter of Chickpea crepes. Chickpea crepes are easy to make and take less time to prepare. Further, you can enjoy chana dosa with various available toppings, including chutneys or sambar, or mayonnaise.

e. Ideal for weight loss – It is a healthy and nutritious food low in calorie, high in protein and fibre, which helps to keep you feeling full for longer. Hence you can have a low-calorie diet without feeling craved for food. Good for weight loss. However, don’t overlook to drink lots of water to avoid constipation.

f. Loaded with nutrition – Chana dosa also contains thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate, all of which are important for good health. In addition, chana dosa is a good source of iron, magnesium, and potassium. You can compare the nutrition in chana dosa meals with your daily nutritional requirements on the page below.


Ingredients for chana dosa (chickpea crepes)

Ingredients for chutney

Chana dosa nutrition compared with male and female DRI (Dietary Reference Intake)

Serving size: 5 chana dosa

Calories in chana dosa

a. Calories in chana dosa are 250.3 kCal; as much as 12.52 % of male DRI of 2000 kCal. Therefore, it can attain 16.69 % of female DRI of 1500 kCal.

b. Protein forms 23.33 % of the calories

c. Carbs form 56.81 % of the calories in chana dosa.

d. Fats form 17.08 % of the calories.

Macros in chana dosa

a. Protein in chana dosa – 14.6 gm, particularly 19.47 % of male DRI of 75 gm. Further, it can complete 25.96 % of female DRI of 56.25 grams. In general, protein DRI is 15% of calories.

b. Carbohydrates in chana dosa – 35.55 gm, therefore, is 12.93 % of male DRI of 275 gm. Therefore, it can achieve 17.24 % of female DRI of 206.25 grams. To clarify, carbs DRI is 55% of calories.

c. Fats in chana dosa – 4.75 gm, notably 7.12 % of male DRI of 66.67 gm. As a result, a woman gets 9.50 % of female DRI of 50.00 gm. Markedly, fats DRI is 30% of calories.

d. The Fibre in chana dosa – 18.35 gm, thus is, 48.29 % of male DRI of 38 gm. Consequently, females get 73.40 % of female DRI of 25 gm.

e. Soluble Fibre – 2.5 gm, particularly 25.00 % of male DRI of 10 gm. Females will get as much as 25.35 % of female DRI of 9.86 gm.

f. Total Free Sugar – 0.9 gm, which is not only 1.50 % of male DRI of 60 gm but also 1.80 % of female DRI of 50 gm.

Vitamins in chana dosa

a. Vitamin A – 117.25 mcg, as much as 13.03 % of male DRI of 900 mcg. Besides, a women can get as much as 16.75 % of female DRI of 700 mcg.

b. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 0.25 mg, particularly a. 20.83 % of the daily requirement of males of 1.2 mg. Subsequently, females will get 22.73 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

c. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 0.15 mg, therefore, is 11.54 % of male DRI of 1.3 mg. Besides, women also get 13.64 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

d. Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 2 mg, notably 12.50 % of male DRI of 16 mg and 14.29 % of female DRI of 14 mg.

e Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 0.3 mg, thus is, 23.08 % of DRI of 1.3 mg for males and females.

f. Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 1.15 mcg, therefore, is 3.83 % of DRI of 30 mcg for males and females.

g. Total Folate (Vitamin B9) – 156 mcg, as much as 39.00 % of DRI of 400 microgram for males and females.

h.  Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – 0 mcg, 

i. L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 2.25 mg, therefore, is 2.50 % of male DRI of 90 mg. Further, it is 3.00 % of female DRI of 75 mg.

j. Calciferol (Vitamin D) – 1.8 mcg, notably 36.00 % of DRI of 5 mcg for males and females.

k. Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) – 1.25 mg, thus is, 8.33 % of DRI of 15 mg for males and females.

l. Vitamin K – 27.3 mcg, as much as 22.75 % of male DRI of 120 mcg and 30.33 % of female DRI of 90 mcg.

Minerals in chana dosa

a. Calcium – 114.3 mg, particularly 11.43 % of DRI of 1000 mg for males and females.

b. Phosphorus – 210.75 mg, therefore, is 30.11 % of DRI of 700 mg for males and females.

c. Iron – 5.2 mg, notably 65.00 % of male DRI of 8 mg and 28.89 % of female DRI of 18 mg.

d. Magnesium – 120.6 mg, thus is, 30.15 % of male DRI of 400 mg and 38.90 % of female DRI of 310 mg.

e. Copper – 647.5 mcg, as much as 71.94 % of DRI of 900 mcg for males and females.

f. Manganese – 2 mg, particularly 86.96 % of male DRI of 2.3 mg and 111.11 % of female DRI of 1.8 mg.

g. Molybdenum – 0.05 mcg, therefore, is 0.11 % of DRI of 45 mcg for males and females.

h. Zinc – 2.55 mg, notably 23.18 % of male DRI of 11 mg. At the same time, women get 31.88 % of female DRI of 8 mg.

i. Chromium – 13.8 mcg, thus is, 39.43 % of male DRI of 35 mcg. Besides, women too get 55.20 % of female DRI of 25 mcg.

j. Selenium – 26.35 mcg, as much as 47.91 % of DRI of 55 mcg for males and females.

k. Cholesterol – 0 mg,

l. Potassium – 698.15 mg, as much as 14.85 % of DRI of 4700 mg for males and females.

m. Sodium – 22 mg, particularly 1.47 % of DRI of 1500 mg for males and females.

n. Omega 3 – 123.95 mg, therefore, is 20.66 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females.

o. Omega 6 – 1857 mg, not only 309.50 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females.

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    I'm serving chana dosa with groundnuts chutney.


    Before jumping to the chana dosa recipe, first, see how to make groundnut chutney.


    Take a pan and heat it. Add 1/4th cup of groundnuts.


    Roast it for 5 mins in slow flame.


    Now add 3 spoons of roasted chana or Bengal gram (roasted split chickpeas).


    Add green chilli as per taste.


    Add 3 to 4 garlic cloves. Fry for 2 mins.


    Now take the mixture out on a plate to cool down.


    Once the mixture cools down, add it to the mixer grinder.


    Add a handful of coriander leaves and salt as per taste.


    Add cumin seeds.


    Now grind it as a fine paste.


    Chutney is too thick. That's why I am adding some water to the chutney paste.


    Mix the chutney well. Our easy groundnuts chutney is ready.


    There is no need for any tempering to the chutney. Now let's prepare chana dosa.


    Take ½ cup chana in a bowl. I am taking here brown chana; for variation, you can take green chana instead of brown chana.


    Add 1 tsp fenugreek seeds (Methi ka dana). Fenugreek seeds contain fibre, which helps to prevent constipation.


    Add 2 tbsp rice.


    Add water and wash 2 - 3 times.


    Now add water and soak it overnight.


    Next morning you will see chana appropriately soaked.


    Rewash the soaked chana and rice.


    Separate the water and add soaked chana and rice to the mixer grinder.


    Add Ginger.


    Add green chilli.


    Add coriander leaves.


    Add salt as per taste


    Now add ½ cup of water.


    Grind the mixture as a thick paste.


    Now add little water to the batter and mix well.


    Add salt as per taste and mix the batter well.


    We can make 8 chana dosa from this mixture. We don't need to ferment the batter.


    Take the skillet, and heat it. Grease with little oil.


    Now take a spoon full of chana dosa batter.


    Spread it on tawa.


    Cook it on both sides.


    Our healthy chana dosa (chickpea crepes) is ready to serve.


    We can have 5 chana dosa with little chutney and some pickles for your meal.

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