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Healthy Veggie patties recipe -Low calorie vegetable patties

Healthy Veggie patties recipe - Low calorie vegetable patties
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    15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    10 min
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    10 min

A single Veggie patty comprises only 42 kcal and is high in proteins and fibre. Such six veggie patties meal without other carbs will give 252 kcal energy. The veggie patties recipe is made without potatoes. Let us see how to make this low-calorie vegetable patties recipe.

Is a veggie patties healthy?

A healthy patty should be high in proteins fibre and low in carbs and fights. The veggie patty shown here is beneficial as it is low in carbs, fats and high in proteins and fibre. Otherwise, commercial veggie patties are high in calories and low in fibre.

When you replace high-calorie veggie patties with such low-calorie, high protein patties, your meal becomes healthy. You can also make a burger with these veggie patties with the choice of your sauces and bread.

How are veggie patties made?

Typically, veggie patties are made up of boiled potatoes and fewer vegetables. Then the veggie patties are deep or shallow fried in refined oil and served with burger bread and sauces. Such veggie patties are high in calories and have a high glycemic index that may increase your blood sugar. 

However, these veggie patties are made up of Indian cottage cheese (paneer), cabbage, and oats, making them more nutritionally dense than regular potato patties. These vegetable patties are baked or roasted, not fried.

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Highlights of vegetable patties recipe

  1. A single veggie patty with these ingredients consists of just 42 kcal.
  2. Since we have replaced potatoes that are generally made to use vegetable patties with paneer, oats and cabbage, these vegetable patties are low in carbs
  3. We have also avoided deep or shallow frying of these veggie patties and employed baking or dry roasting with little oil. This process has reduced oil/fat content considerably.
  4. The veggies patties meal can have up to 6 veggie patties, yet you can limit the calories in your meal to under 300 kcal.
  5. If there are no calorie restrictions, you can also make a burger with the choice of your sauces, bread and cheese. 
  6. When taking six veggie patties meal, a female can get around 23% of the day’s protein with just 12% of carbs and 21% of fats within just 17% of calories needed for a day.
  7. The fibre content of this veggie patties meal is also high, with a female getting up to 20% fibre without adding more carbs. 
  8. The vegetable cutlets meal also provides a good amount of vitamin B7 and B9.
  9. As far as minerals are concerned, the veggies patties meal can give you up to 20 to 25 % of the daily requirement of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and a good amount of trace minerals such as chromium zinc and molybdenum. These trace minerals are excellent antioxidants. You can compare the veggie patties nutrition with male and female RDA down here.


Ingredients of vegetable patties


Veggie patties nutrition facts compared with male and female RDA

Serving size – 6 veggie patties with sauce or chutney without any bread

Calories in veggie patties

a. Calories in veggie patties are 252.54 kCal; as much as 12.63 % of male DRI of 2000 kCal. Therefore, it can attain 16.84 % of female DRI of 1500 kCal.

b. Protein forms 20.34 % of the calories

c. Carbs form 39.82 % of the calories in veggie patties.

d. Fats form 37.21 % of the calories.

Macros in veggie patties

a. Protein in veggie patties – 12.84 gm, particularly 17.12 % of male DRI of 75 gm. Further, it can complete 22.83 % of female DRI of 56.25 gm. In general, protein DRI is 15% of calories.

b. Carbs in veggie patties – 25.14 gm, therefore, is 9.14 % of male DRI of 275 gm. Therefore, it can achieve 12.19 % of female DRI of 206.25 gm. To clarify, carbohydrates DRI is 55% of calories.

c. Fats in veggie patties – 10.44 gm, notably 15.66 % of male DRI of 66.67 gm. As a result, a woman gets 20.88 % of female DRI of 50.00 gm. Markedly, fats DRI is 30% of calories.

d. The Fibre in veggie patties – 4.8 gm, thus is, 12.63 % of male DRI of 38 gm. Consequently, females get 19.20 % of female DRI of 25 gm.

e. Soluble Fibre – 0.72 gm, particularly 7.20 % of male DRI of 10 gm. Consequently, females will get as much as 7.30 % of female DRI of 9.86 gm.

f. Total Free Sugar – 7.14 gm, which is not only 11.90 % of male DRI of 60 gm but also 14.28 % of female DRI of 50 gm.

Vitamins in veggie patties

a. Vitamin A – 10.86 mcg, as much as 1.21 % of male DRI of 900 mcg. Furthermore, women can get as much as 1.55 % of female DRI of 700 mcg.

b. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 0 mg, particularly 0.00 % of the daily requirement of males of 1.2 mg. Subsequently, females will get 0.00 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

c. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 0.12 mg, therefore, is 9.23 % of male DRI of 1.3 mg. Besides, women also get 10.91 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

d. Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.3 mg, notably 1.88 % of male DRI of 16 mg and 2.14 % of female DRI of 14 mg.

e. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 0.12 mg, thus is, 9.23 % of DRI of 1.3 mg for males and females.

f. Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 11.16 mcg, therefore, is 37.20 % of DRI of 30 mcg for males and females.

g. Total Folate (Vitamin B9) – 80.52 mcg, as much as 20.13 % of DRI of 400 mcg for males and females.

h. Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – 0 mcg, particularly 0.00 % of DRI of 2.4 mcg for males and females

i. L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 24.3 mg, therefore, is 27.00 % of male DRI of 90 mg. Further, it is 32.40 % of female DRI of 75 mg.

j. Calciferol (Vitamin D) – 0.3 mcg, notably 6.00 % of DRI of 5 mcg for males and females.

k. Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) – 78.24 mg, thus is, 521.60 % of DRI of 15 mg for males and females.

l. Vitamin K – 79.08 mcg, as much as 65.90 % of male DRI of 120 mcg and 87.87 % of female DRI of 90 mcg.

Minerals in veggie patties

a. Calcium – 259.44 mg, particularly 25.94 % of DRI of 1000 mg for males and females.

b. Phosphorus – 179.16 mg, therefore, is 25.59 % of DRI of 700 mg for males and females.

c. Iron – 1.56 mg, notably 19.50 % of male DRI of 8 mg and 8.67 % of female DRI of 18 mg.

d. Magnesium – 28.08 mg, thus is, 7.02 % of male DRI of 400 mg and 9.06 % of female DRI of 310 mg.

e. Copper – 60 mcg, as much as 6.67 % of DRI of 900 mcg for males and females.

f. Manganese – 0.24 mg, particularly 10.43 % of male DRI of 2.3 mg and 13.33 % of female DRI of 1.8 mg.

g. Molybdenum – 60 mcg, therefore, is 133.33 % of DRI of 45 mcg for males and females.

h. Zinc – 1.44 mg, notably 13.09 % of male DRI of 11 mg. At the same time, women get 18.00 % of female DRI of 8 mg.

i. Chromium – 60 mcg, thus is, 171.43 % of male DRI of 35 mcg. Besides, women too get 240.00 % of female DRI of 25 mcg.

j. Selenium – 11.46 mcg, as much as 20.84 % of DRI of 55 mcg for males and females.

k. Cholesterol – 41.1 mg,

l. Potassium – 222.18 mg, as much as 4.73 % of DRI of 4700 mg for males and females.

m. Sodium – 19.74 mg, particularly 1.32 % of DRI of 1500 mg for males and females.

n. Omega 3 – 142.74 mg, therefore, is 23.79 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females,

o. Omega 6 – 770.22 mg, not only 128.37 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females.


RDA values are for a healthy adult between 19 to 50 years, calories requirements may vary as per gender, age and physical activities. Nutritional values of veggie patties are approximate and may have variance. Nutritional values of sauce or chutney may differ depending upon choice and hence not considered for comparison.

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    Let's start preparation for veggie patties. Wash and chop cabbage, onion, carrot, coriander leaves, green chilli into fine pieces.


    Add all chopped veggies into a bowl.


    Now Add scrambled paneer to it.


    Add spices like cumin seeds, garam masala, turmeric, salt, red chilli flakes, oregano seasoning, ginger garlic paste.


    Now add oats powder and mix well.


    From this mixture, we can make 13 veggie patties.


    Even for future use, we can keep this mixture in the fridge for two days in an airtight container.


    Take some batter to give patty shape.


    Heat the tawa, grease with little oil.


    Now roast the vegetable patties on both sides. It takes nearly 5 - 6 min.

    Healthy Veggie patties recipe - Low calorie vegetable patties

    Our healthy high, protein veggie patties are ready to serve. You can have six veggie patties with salad.

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