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Jowar Ambli: How To Make Jowar Ambli

Jowar Ambli
  • Prep Time
    10 min
  • Cook Time
    10 min
  • Serving

Today I am sharing with you a quick weight loss drink called jowar ambli, made from sorghum flour(jowar ata), curd, and some veggies. In a single serving of jowar ambli, you will get only 210 kcal. It is a zero-oil recipe.

Ambli is a traditional recipe in south India, and as a south Indian from childhood, we had ambli. It is a great substitute for regular breakfast. We can make ambli from millets like ragi ambli, Jonna ambli, Korra ambli. I already shared the raagi ambli recipe with you, you can check from here.

Ambli can be made in 2 ways

  1. By fermented method – here we need to ferment the cooked millets, but it is a bit lengthy process. But trust me, friends, the fermented ambli is loaded with vitamins like vitamin B, probiotics, and other essentials minerals. If you don’t have time to make fermented ambli you can try instant ambli.
  2. Instant ambli – It is a much easier process to make ambli, we need to cook the millet add curd, veggies as per your choice, and our healthy millet ambli is ready to serve.

So friends, today I will share the instant jowar ambli recipe, we can make this recipe within 15 min. It is easy to prepare and very filling also, so let’s see the recipe.

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Highlights of jowar ambli

  1. Best for weight loss, as jowar ambli single serving gives only 210 calories, it is a low-calorie meal we can add it in our veg diet plans during breakfast time.
  2. Jowar is a gluten-free grain, so those who have gluten sensitivity can also add jowar ambli to their diet.
  3. Millets are rich in proteins and fiber, it helps to control the blood glucose level and also helps to prevent constipation
  4. Millets are pocket-friendly and easily available food.
  5. Jowar ambli single serving gives nearly 247 mg of calcium per serving, it is rich in calcium, as we know our daily requirement of calcium is nearly 600-1300 mg/day(depends, upon age, pregnancy, lactation, child)

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Ingredients Of Jowar Ambli

Jowar ambli nutrition facts compared with male and female DRI (Dietary Reference Intake)

Serving size: 1 jowar ambli

Calories in jowar ambli

a. Calories in jowar ambli are 210.73 kCal; as much as 10.54 % of male DRI of 2000 kCal. Therefore, it can attain 14.05 % of female DRI of 1500 kCal.

b. Protein forms 15.94 % of the calories

c. Carbs form 54.50 % of the calories in jowar ambli.

d. Fats form 28.36 % of the calories.

Macros in jowar ambli

a. Protein in jowar ambli – 8.4 gm, particularly 11.20 % of male DRI of 75 gm. Further, it can complete 14.93 % of female DRI of 56.25 gm. In general, protein DRI is 15% of calories.

b. Carbs in jowar ambli – 28.71 gm, therefore, is 10.44 % of male DRI of 275 gm. Therefore, it can achieve 13.92 % of female DRI of 206.25 gm. To clarify, carbohydrates DRI is 55% of calories.

c. Fats in jowar ambli – 6.64 gm, notably 9.96 % of male DRI of 66.67 gm. As a result, a woman gets 13.28 % of female DRI of 50.00 gm. Markedly, fats DRI is 30% of calories.

d. The Fibre in jowar ambli – 4.27 gm, thus is, 11.24 % of male DRI of 38 gm. Consequently, females get 17.08 % of female DRI of 25 gm.

e. Soluble Fibre – 0.79 gm, particularly 7.90 % of male DRI of 10 gm. Consequently, females will get as much as 8.01 % of female DRI of 9.86 gm.

f. Total Free Sugar – 2.73 gm, which is not only 4.55 % of male DRI of 60 gm but also 5.46 % of female DRI of 50 gm.

Vitamins in jowar ambli

a. Vitamin A – 77.41 mcg, as much as 8.60 % of male DRI of 900 mcg. Furthermore, women can get as much as 11.06 % of female DRI of 700 mcg.

b. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 0.21 mg, particularly 17.50 % of the daily requirement of males of 1.2 mg. Subsequently, females will get 19.09 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

c. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 0.28 mg, therefore, is 21.54 % of male DRI of 1.3 mg. Besides, women also get 25.45 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

d. Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.94 mg, notably 5.88 % of male DRI of 16 mg and 6.71 % of female DRI of 14 mg.

e. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 0.12 mg, thus is, 9.23 % of DRI of 1.3 mg for males and females.

f. Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 1.37 mcg, therefore, is 4.57 % of DRI of 30 mcg for males and females.

g. Total Folate (Vitamin B9) – 45.27 mcg, as much as 11.32 % of DRI of 400 mcg for males and females.

h. Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – 0.2 mcg, particularly 8.33 % of DRI of 2.4 mcg for males and females

i. L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 5 mg, therefore, is 5.56 % of male DRI of 90 mg. Further, it is 6.67 % of female DRI of 75 mg.

j. Calciferol (Vitamin D) – 1.62 mcg, notably 32.40 % of DRI of 5 mcg for males and females.

k. Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) – 0.06 mg, thus is, 0.40 % of DRI of 15 mg for males and females.

l. Vitamin K – 23.71 mcg, as much as 19.76 % of male DRI of 120 mcg and 26.34 % of female DRI of 90 mcg.

Minerals in jowar ambli

a. Calcium – 247.21 mg, particularly 24.72 % of DRI of 1000 mg for males and females.

b. Phosphorus – 237.18 mg, therefore, is 33.88 % of DRI of 700 mg for males and females.

c. Iron – 1.94 mg, notably 24.25 % of male DRI of 8 mg and 10.78 % of female DRI of 18 mg.

d. Magnesium – 50.73 mg, thus is, 12.68 % of male DRI of 400 mg and 16.36 % of female DRI of 310 mg.

e. Copper – 190 mcg, as much as 21.11 % of DRI of 900 mcg for males and females.

f. Manganese – 0.5 mg, particularly 21.74 % of male DRI of 2.3 mg and 27.78 % of female DRI of 1.8 mg.

g. Molybdenum – 0.01 mcg, therefore, is 0.02 % of DRI of 45 mcg for males and females.

h. Zinc – 0.76 mg, notably 6.91 % of male DRI of 11 mg. At the same time, women get 9.50 % of female DRI of 8 mg.

i. Chromium – 0 mcg, thus is, 0.00 % of male DRI of 35 mcg. Besides, women too get 0.00 % of female DRI of 25 mcg.

j. Selenium – 8.26 mcg, as much as 15.02 % of DRI of 55 mcg for males and females.

k. Cholesterol – 22.5 mg,

l. Potassium – 188.5 mg, as much as 4.01 % of DRI of 4700 mg for males and females.

m. Sodium – 79.91 mg, particularly 5.33 % of DRI of 1500 mg for males and females.

n. Omega 3 – 17 mg, therefore, is 2.83 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females,

o. Omega 6 – 196.72 mg, not only 32.79 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females.


Values of DRI are for a healthy adult. Nutritional and energy requirements may vary as per gender, age and physical activities. Nutritional values of jowar ambli are approximate and may have variance.

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Take the sorghum flour, add little water to it and make a thick solution or paste.


Mix well, make sure there will be no lumps.


Now take one and a half cup water in a steel bowl, add this jowar solution, mix well Note – while adding jowar solution to the water should in normal temperature.


Now put the pan on low flame. Stir continuously to avoid sticking and burning jowar down the pot.


Stir continuously until the solution coagulates. Then switch off the flame, allow it to cool for 15 to 20 minutes.


Wash the ingredients such as onion, green chili, mint leaves, and coriander leaves and chop them into small pieces.


Use mortar & pestle to make masala. Add ½ tsp cumin seeds, ginger and chopped green chili, coriander leaves, mint leaves. Crush and make a fine paste. (you can use a mixer jar also to make a fine paste but the quantity is less so it is advisable to use motor pastel if you don’t have mortar pestle you can just chop it finely and mix it in jowar ambli. Don’t skip this masala as it is the main taste enhancer of the recipe.


Take a small bowl, add curd and pink salt mix well


Add curd to the jowar solution along with chopped onion and the masala paste, mix well. Serve fresh


Healthy weight loss drink jowar ambli is ready to serve.

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