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Mango Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

Mango Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss
  • Prep Time
    30 minutes
  • Cook Time
    10 minutes
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    10 minutes

This particular mango oats smoothie for weight loss gives just 153 kCal per portion and therefore could be part of your weight loss diet. This particular oats smoothie could be deemed as healthy smoothie for weight loss for changing your teatime snack food items of evening or mid-morning. For individuals who are running against time to make breakfast, can also have this particular weight loss smoothie within their regular diet plan.

Highlight of the Mango oats smoothie for weight loss

This smoothie is made with mango which is called as king of the fruits because of its sweet taste and aroma. Mangoes are generally available in summer and hence it makes a perfect opportunity to blend them in the fresh smoothie to beat the summer heat. Mangoes are good source vitamin C, vitamin B6. Rolled oats add a lot more proteins and dietary fiber to the smoothie. This weight loss smoothie is becoming prepared using curd that offers probiotics aimed at maintaining the gut health. This smoothie does not contain any added sugar for sweetness.

Since it contains great amount of protein, dietary fiber and essential fatty acids in one serving this is a healthy smoothie for weight loss.

In general, this will be a very delicious healthy smoothie that provides sense of filling which is an important aspect managing our food cravings. Let’s observe how this oats smoothie is made.

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Ingredients Of Mango Oats Smoothie For Weight Loss

How to add Mango oats smoothie for weight loss diet

Lots of people choose tea or espresso in around 11 am plus 5 evening. This tea / espresso is furthermore associated with biscuits or packed food that will provides a lot more calories which usually hinders bodyweight reduction. You can have this healthy smoothie for weight loss as a replacement of these mid-morning or evening high calorie snacks plus beverages. Quantity of nuts and seeds being additional into this healthy weight loss smoothie for losing weight may vary for every person. If you are planning it as per choice of foods, you can add all of the ingredients you want since as much as one gram to calculate nutritional figures with your own smoothie making use of Diet Kundali application. In order to calculate total nutrients in the smoothie including for small food items such as spices or herbs, it is strongly suggested to produce your month-to-month diet graph from the Diet plan Kundali app.


In situation you might have elevated blood glucose, make sure you replace mangoes with other low in calories fresh fruits if you are repeating this weight loss smoothie.

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Nutrition in Mango Oats smoothie for weight loss

Serving size: 1 mango oats smoothie

Calories in mango oats smoothie

a. Calories in mango oats smoothie are 152.79 kCal; as much as 7.64 % of male DRI of 2000 kCal. Therefore, it can attain 10.19 % of female DRI of 1500 kCal.

b. Protein forms 15.76 % of the calories

c. Carbs form 37.83 % of the calories in mango oats smoothie.

d. Fats form 44.18 % of the calories.

Macros in mango oats smoothie

a. Protein in mango oats smoothie – 6.02 gm, particularly 8.03 % of male DRI of 75 gm. Further, it can complete 10.70 % of female DRI of 56.25 gm. In general, protein DRI is 15% of calories.

b. Carbs in mango oats smoothie – 14.45 gm, therefore, is 5.25 % of male DRI of 275 gm. Therefore, it can achieve 7.01 % of female DRI of 206.25 gm. To clarify, carbohydrates DRI is 55% of calories.

c. Fats in mango oats smoothie – 7.5 gm, notably 11.25 % of male DRI of 66.67 gm. As a result, a woman gets 15.00 % of female DRI of 50.00 gm. Markedly, fats DRI is 30% of calories.

d. The Fibre in mango oats smoothie – 3.57 gm, thus is, 9.39 % of male DRI of 38 gm. Consequently, females get 14.28 % of female DRI of 25 gm.

e. Soluble Fibre – 0.36 gm, particularly 3.60 % of male DRI of 10 gm. Consequently, females will get as much as 3.65 % of female DRI of 9.86 gm.

f. Total Free Sugar – 4.02 gm, which is not only 6.70 % of male DRI of 60 gm but also 8.04 % of female DRI of 50 gm.

Vitamins in mango oats smoothie for weight loss

a. Vitamin A – 79.68 mcg, as much as 8.85 % of male DRI of 900 mcg. Furthermore, women can get as much as 11.38 % of female DRI of 700 mcg.

b. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 0.11 mg, particularly 9.17 % of the daily requirement of males of 1.2 mg. Subsequently, females will get 10.00 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

c. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 0.2 mg, therefore, is 15.38 % of male DRI of 1.3 mg. Besides, women also get 18.18 % of female DRI of 1.1 mg.

d. Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.34 mg, notably 2.13 % of male DRI of 16 mg and 2.43 % of female DRI of 14 mg.

e. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 0.08 mg, thus is, 6.15 % of DRI of 1.3 mg for males and females.

f. Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 1.01 mcg, therefore, is 3.37 % of DRI of 30 mcg for males and females.

g. Total Folate (Vitamin B9) – 58.2 mcg, as much as 14.55 % of DRI of 400 mcg for males and females.

h. Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – 0.13 mcg, particularly 5.42 % of DRI of 2.4 mcg for males and females

i. L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 17.5 mg, therefore, is 19.44 % of male DRI of 90 mg. Further, it is 23.33 % of female DRI of 75 mg.

j. Calciferol (Vitamin D) – 3.59 mcg, notably 71.80 % of DRI of 5 mcg for males and females.

k. Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) – 0.74 mg, thus is, 4.93 % of DRI of 15 mg for males and females.

l. Vitamin K – 7.32 mcg, as much as 6.10 % of male DRI of 120 mcg and 8.13 % of female DRI of 90 mcg.

Minerals in mango oats smoothie

a. Calcium – 230.05 mg, particularly 23.01 % of DRI of 1000 mg for males and females.

b. Phosphorus – 147.66 mg, therefore, is 21.09 % of DRI of 700 mg for males and females.

c. Iron – 1.43 mg, notably 17.88 % of male DRI of 8 mg and 7.94 % of female DRI of 18 mg.

d. Magnesium – 32.69 mg, thus is, 8.17 % of male DRI of 400 mg and 10.55 % of female DRI of 310 mg.

e. Copper – 170 mcg, as much as 18.89 % of DRI of 900 mcg for males and females.

f. Manganese – 0.52 mg, particularly 22.61 % of male DRI of 2.3 mg and 28.89 % of female DRI of 1.8 mg.

g. Molybdenum – 0.01 mcg, therefore, is 0.02 % of DRI of 45 mcg for males and females.

h. Zinc – 0.45 mg, notably 4.09 % of male DRI of 11 mg. At the same time, women get 5.63 % of female DRI of 8 mg.

i. Chromium – 10 mcg, thus is, 28.57 % of male DRI of 35 mcg. Besides, women too get 40.00 % of female DRI of 25 mcg.

j. Selenium – 1.41 mcg, as much as 2.56 % of DRI of 55 mcg for males and females.

k. Cholesterol – 15 mg,

l. Potassium – 118.28 mg, as much as 2.52 % of DRI of 4700 mg for males and females.

m. Sodium – 51.97 mg, particularly 3.46 % of DRI of 1500 mg for males and females.

n. Omega 3 – 56.44 mg, therefore, is 9.41 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females,

o. Omega 6 – 966.12 mg, not only 161.02 % of DRI of 600 mg for males and females.


Values of DRI are for a healthy adult. Nutritional and energy requirements may vary as per gender, age and physical activities. Nutritional values of mango oats smoothie are approximate and may have variance.

Frequently asked questions

Mangoes are naturally sweet, nutritious and contains relatively higher calories than other fruits. Nevertheless, they like any other fruits are not as responsible for weight gain as the other fatty or starchy foods such as burger, aerated drinks or fries. Having said that, eating mangoes is also subjected to laws of energy that if you eat more than required for you body, you may gain weight.

So if you are adding mangoes, you can skip sugar syrup or honey that is generally added in the smoothies to manage the calories of the dessert.


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    This smoothie is single serving.


    Soak poppy seeds for 25 to 30 minutes. Poppy seeds are rich in protein, calcium and fiber.
    Alternatively, you can add up to 1 spoon of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds.


    Take a pan, add rolled oats and dry roast up to 3 to 4 minutes on low to medium flame. You can use instant oats too in case you don’t have rolled oats.


    Take 50 gm mango pulp and slice it into pieces.


    Now add curd.


    Add poppy seeds, half mango slices and rolled oats in the mixer jar. Add half cup water and grind the mix for up to 60 seconds in the grinder.


    Garnish with remaining half mango and roasted almonds. Serve fresh.


    Mangoes are favourite fruit of summer and I am sure you will want more mangoes when you take it as a smoothie as described. If you are following a low calorie diet, this mango oats smoothie for weight loss is an ideal addition to your mid-morning or evening snacks. You can repeat this as you like throughout the summer with different varieties of mangoes to see the sweetness variation.

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