Oatmeal porridge recipe: An Ideal weight loss breakfast

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A single serving of this oatmeal porridge recipe provides 271 kCal energy with a good amount of fiber and proteins. This rolled oats porridge is an ideal breakfast to start the day. This rolled oats porridge is suitable for people with PCOD/PCOS, overweight, high cholesterol, or diabetes. However, if you are restricted to milk products for any reason, you can use almond curd or any other available alternative as directed by your dietitian.

Porridge in general is oatmeal-based food and is consumed as a breakfast cereal. Generally, these oatmeal cereals are either coarse crushed or fine ground and then added to milk. To make it appealing flavors and sweeteners such as honey, sugars, or other flavors. Alternatively, an oatmeal porridge recipe can also be prepared by adding spices, eggs, or vegetables that give a tangy taste. The rolled oats porridge is usually served in a bowl with hot milk or plate when it is spiced with vegetables and has a solid consistency. The most common type of porridge available in the market is Oatmeal porridge. Make sure that the oatmeal you select from the market is gluten-free ladled because it may be possible that the rolled oats you are purchasing may have been processed in the same facility where other gluten-based products have been handled which may lead to cross-contamination.

Highlights of Oatmeal porridge recipe

  1. This is a low-calorie meal ideal for breakfast
  2. Being low in calories, it can be considered in adding in weight loss diet
  3. Oatmeal porridge is a Gluten-free recipe, those who are gluten intolerant can also this in their diet plan.
  4. Oats are loaded with fiber (both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber), oats contain soluble fiber in form of beta-glucan, which helps to control blood sugar levels, control cholesterol also.
  5. The insoluble fiber in the recipe helps to prevent constipation.
  6. High in proteins as compared to the market competitors for the same calories
  7. Sugar-free cereal so can be used to make different tangy dishes
  8. Those having PCOD or thyroid may also have this oatmeal-based granola cereal

Moderation is key to weight loss. If you are on a weight loss diet, watch your serving size and ingredients of rolled oats porridge to limit calories in the diet. Oatmeals are good breakfast cereals loaded with soluble fiber and are relatively healthy for use of diabetic patients who may benefit more in the form of lowering of LDL cholesterol than the others. Soluble fiber from certain foods helps to lower blood total and LDL cholesterol levels provided only when the diet you choose is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Best time to have oatmeal porridge recipe – Breakfast or Dinner

Ideally, this rolled oats porridge may be taken as breakfast. This is easy to make and high in proteins as well a fiber. If you are on a weight loss diet having high fiber food will keep you full for a longer time without craving for more. This oatmeal porridge recipe has ingredients such as cucumber and carrot that are naturally rich in fiber. The total fiber content in the single serving is around 10 grams which is almost 33% of the daily requirements. 

Since I have made this homemade granola, I rather find it easy to use in place of other high-calorie cereals. Especially with Indian recipes like poha or upma that are high in carbs, I hade experimented and found that this rolled oats granola can be a good substitute. I had replaced granola with wheat semolina and also used it in place of rice flakes There are many recipes that you can make by simply replacing the breakfast cereals you make with this oatmeal granola and you will find that you have more proteins intake and fewer calories to deal with. Homemade oatmeal is healthier, and I haven’t used any oil while making them. I shall be sharing various oatmeal granola recipes with you in the coming days. One of the good things about this oatmeal granola that you can simply use it with milk and make a plain oatmeal porridge recipe too. Whenever I run out of time and I have nothing to eat at home, I simply take 1 cup oatmeal granola with hot milk and 1 spoon of dates pulp as a sugar-free American Breakfast or if you have a little time you can add more vegetables as described here that simply will reduce calories and add more fiber in your recipe.

Homemade Granola Recipe


Ingredients for Oatmeal porridge


Serving – single serving

  • Daily Value*
  • Calories - 271.81 kCal, which is 13.59 % of the daily value for RDA of 2000 kCal,
  • Protein - 10.13 gm, that is 13.51 % of the daily value for RDA of 75 gm i.e. 15 % of calories,
  • Carbohydrate - 27.06 gm, around 9.84 % of the daily value for RDA of 275 gm i.e. 55 % of calories,
  • Fat - 13.16 gm, approximately 19.74 % of the daily value for RDA of 66.67 gm i.e. 30 % of calories,
  • Total Fiber - 9.01 gm, nearly 23.71 % of the daily value for RDA of 38 gm,
  • Vitamin A - 0 mcg, which is 0.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 900 mcg,
  • Vitamin B1 - 0.18 mg, that is 15.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 1.2 mg,
  • Vitamin B2 - 0.3 mg, around 23.08 % of the daily value for RDA of 1.3 mg,
  • Vitamin B3 - 0.99 mg, approximately 6.19 % of the daily value for RDA of 16 mg,
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.18 mg, nearly 13.85 % of the daily value for RDA of 1.3 mg,
  • Vitamin B9 - 92.77 mcg, which is 23.19 % of the daily value for RDA of 400 mcg,
  • Vitamin B12 - 0.2 mcg, that is 8.33 % of the daily value for RDA of 2.4 mcg,
  • Vitamin C - 15.18 mg, around 37.95 % of the daily value for RDA of 40 mg,
  • Vitamin D - 7.38mcg, approximately 147.60 % of the daily value for RDA of 5mcg,
  • Vitamin E - 0.3 mg, nearly 20.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 1.5 mg,
  • Vitamin K - 19.63 mcg, which is 16.36 % of the daily value for RDA of 120 mcg,
  • Calcium - 307.25 mg, that is 30.73 % of the daily value for RDA of 1000 mg,
  • Phosphorus - 283.26 mg, around 40.47 % of the daily value for RDA of 700 mg,
  • Iron - 2.86 mg, approximately 35.75 % of the daily value for RDA of 8 mg,
  • Magnesium - 79.84 mg, nearly 19.96 % of the daily value for RDA of 400 mg,
  • Copper - 0.23 mcg, which is 0.03 % of the daily value for RDA of 900 mcg,
  • Manganese - 0.8 mg, that is 34.78 % of the daily value for RDA of 2.3 mg,
  • Molybdenum - 0 mcg, around 0.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 45 mcg,
  • Zinc - 0.76 mg, approximately 6.91 % of the daily value for RDA of 11 mg,
  • Chromium - 0.11 mcg, nearly 0.31 % of the daily value for RDA of 35 mcg,
  • Selenium - 4.47 mcg, which is 8.13 % of the daily value for RDA of 55 mcg,
  • Soluble Fiber - 1.9 gm, that is 19.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 10 gm,
  • VitaminB7 - 29.25 mcg, around 97.50 % of the daily value for RDA of 30 mcg,
  • Total Free Sugar - 10.44 gm, approximately 17.40 % of the daily value for RDA of 60 gm,
  • Cholesterol - 58.59 mg, nearly 234.36 % of the daily value for RDA of 25 mg,
  • Potassium - 370.28 mg, which is 7.88 % of the daily value for RDA of 4700 mg,
  • Sodium - 130.19 mg, that is 8.68 % of the daily value for RDA of 1500 mg,
  • Omega 3 - 537.11 mg, around 89.52 % of the daily value for RDA of 600 mg,
  • Omega 6 - 507.01 mg, approximately 84.50 % of the daily value for RDA of 600 mg
  • Values of RDA are for a healthy adult with 2000 kCal energy requirements. This may change as per age, gender, and physical activities.
  • Note – Quantity of spices included while making this rolled oats porridge may not have considered while calculating nutrition as it varies from person to person. However, you can add all the ingredients including spices as low as up to 1 gm weight to calculate the nutrient of your recipe using the Diet Kundali app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally porridge was made up of oatmeal as a base cereal only, however as the cultures spread and mix with other cultures, porridge has received a makeover in the form of different varieties and the base cereals were changes to rice, corn, wheat, and millets too. There are different varieties of porridges now available around the world to taste. In India, the traditional dish of upama or sheera is also a form of porridge, Koozh is also a form of a porridge made from millet. Dalia is also a type of porridge made with Indian oats besides served in a variety of savory that includes lots of vegetables like the one shown in this oatmeal porridge recipe or sweet dishes that adds nuts or dry fruit.

Oatmeal is good in proteins & fiber but equally poor in Vitamins and some minerals. There is no single food on earth that has every nutrient required for our body. Eating only one type of meal deprives us of the nutrition from the other types of food sources. Generally, a serving of 400 to 500 calories meal is a restriction of any food. Now if you are taking 40 gm of market oatmeal, they provide somewhere around 350 kCal. Clubbed with milk of 200 ml and 1 tsp sugar takes it to 450 or 500 kCal. Every manufacturer has provided its serving size for the oatmeal. The recipe of oatmeal porridge recipe prepare here also has the limitations of serving size which if followed limits the excess calories.

    Cooking method

    Step 1

    Take the bottle gourd and grate it in medium to a fine size, if you don’t have bottle gourd you can alternatively use pumpkin of equal weight in making this porridge

    Step 2

    Take the medium size carrot and grate it in medium to a fine size

    Step 3

    This oatmeal porridge recipe is based on homemade granola cereal.

    Step 4

    This homemade granola is based on rolled oats and is high in protein & fiber low in calories as compared with market oatmeal. I have already shared how to make this homemade granola for your perusal. You need to keep ready 1/2 serving of this homemade granola. If you haven’t use rolled oats as you have and heat them for 3 to 4 minutes in addition to this recipe.

    Step 5

    Once the grating is finished, heat the pan, add ½ tsp oil.

    Step 6

    add cumin seeds, green chili as per taste, and curry leaves. The temper on low heat.

    Step 7

    Add 100 gm grated bottle gourd and 50 gm grated carrot, stir well, for a minute.

    Step 8

    Then cover and cook for 5 minutes.

    Step 9

    Now add half cup rolled oats granola, mix well on low flame for a minute only.

    Step 10

    Then turn off the heat, cover with a lid and keep for 5 minutes. This will make all the cereals in the oatmeal soften.

    Step 11

    After 5 minutes you will observe that the cereals have softened.

    Step 12

    Now take the mix into a bowl, add 150 gm curd, 100 gm grated cucumber, salt as per taste.

    Step 13

    And 2 spoons of water. Mix well and keep covered for 5 minutes.

    Step 14

    After 5 minutes your high protein high fiber rolled oats porridge is ready. This is a single serving for you to enjoy. If you are making for 2 or more people ingredients for this oats porridge shall be increased proportionally.

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