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The recipes are prepared with an aim that they can be added by people in their diet plans. These recipes are little different from the regular recipes with differences in either cooking method or ingredients. 

The veg diet plans and healthy breakfast ideas or dinner ideas described here are calculated to the calorie content along with their other nutrition save some manual numerical errors. I have maintained utmost transparency while posting diet plans and their nutritional information. If you find any discrepancy in the nutritional information, we shall be glad when you share it here. Please also note that RDA values are different for every individual based on age and gender, so do not consider the RDAs shown in the recipe to be applicable to you unless you are sure about it. However, we still encourage you to consult your local dietitian if you have any doubt.

You are welcome to share your feedback about these recipes and we are open to your suggestions. It is very likely that you may have a better idea than the one I am sharing.  So do write your suggestions here we would reply as soon as possible. If you like our recipes or suggestions, don’t forget to like it also.

Further, we review all the comments personally, do not affiliate any political view, have zero tolerance for offensive content towards any person, religion, race and gender which if found, surely will be trashed.

I also do not do or encourage any guest post or freelancing. If you have any suggestions about veg diet plans or the recipes, we surely will try it personally before publishing here on the blog. 

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The recipe images and the blog content are copyright protected. Using them for eBooks, websites or videos or any other print media without prior authorization is prohibited.

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If you have tried our recipe or veg diet plans and want to add it in your blog, or broadcast on YouTube. We encourage you to write the recipe in your own words with your own recipe title. You can tag a real link to my recipe page before posting.

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